Tuesday, July 6, 2010

About 2 weeks ago we found this little puppy in the drive- in coffee shop in Centenario, where somebody had left her to die. She was very skinny and dirty, and would not even come close to us at first. We went there to feed her for some days, then took her to the dog refuge to have her vaccinated and cleaned up.
We have agreed to foster her until we can find a home for her, so now she is also living on the boat with us. We have named her Mocca.
She is the sweetest little dog, and Touline is very
happy to have a playmate.


  1. You are too nice, if only more people were like that - we could def. use it here on Crete. Mocca looks delicious :o) Many kisses to y'all, Mixalis & Karina

  2. Nice Maja <3

    So nice and beautiful dog, and what a wonderful name :0)

    Love from DK :0)

    Lene og Andreas