Sunday, October 16, 2011

Panama - Haiti - Dominican Republic

Yesterday we arrived in Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic.
After leaving Bocas Del Toro we had 4 days of flat seas and no wind at all, and a single day of big swell before arriving in Haiti where we made a stop to see our friend Jelle. We stopped in Port Morgan and had a nice lobster dinner before we continued the next day. It took us 48 hrs to sail to the Dominican Republic, and almost all the way we had 12 ft waves and 25-35 knots of wind in the nose, so needless to say the trip was less than pleasant and we were all exhausted when we finally arrived. It is almost impossible to cook, sleep or do anything at all when the boat is moving in all directions and you are nearly thrown out of your bed when trying to get some rest.
After a good night of sleep we all felt much better, and today we've been on a trip to the capital, Santo Domingo. Thanks to Jelle we finally got solar panels for the boat!
The weather here is cooler and much less humid than Panama, and the place is nearly bug free.
All in all things that contribute to much better sleep!
We'll be here until Tuesday when we continue on the last leg to BVI, hopefully with calm weather and less swell than when we arrived.

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