Wednesday, June 13, 2012

St Thomas - Bahamas

In St Thomas we finally found the hardware necessary to install our solar panels, so now they are mounted and working!

Our new solar panels!

Leaving St Thomas
We left St Thomas thinking we would have a quiet, calm passage to the Bahamas. And it was, for the first 5 minutes or so.. . We had not much wind, but 5 days of big swells that made the boat roll and roll and roll, making it nearly impossible to cook, sleep or do anything at all.
Cockburn Town, San Salvador
When we finally arrived in San Salvador island we were all very tired and happy to get a good night sleep. The next morning we went out and did a dive, the drop off started right outside the marina and continued down to 2000 ft or more. Nice and clear water but not a lot of marine life.

Diving San Salvador

San Salvador is a very quiet, dusty little island, a bit like Anegada in BVI. Not much for us to do, so the next day we continued towards Eleuthera island where we arrived a day later.
Cape Eleuthera marina was a nice surprise, there were nurse sharks swimming around the boat and we went in and did a little dive with them. We also rented a golf cart and explored the area.

The nurse sharks in Cape Eleuthera marina
The crew on a road trip
When we left the next afternoon we finally had calmer seas, and we sailed all night in 2-3 m of water inside the Eleuthera lagoon. Early in the morning we arrived at Atlantis marina in Nassau where we spend all day in the aquapark. Crazy feeling to do a waterslide passing thru a pool full of sharks!

Tomorrow morning we'll be on our way to Ft Lauderdale where Mike is waiting for us, we're planning to spend a couple of days there getting new batteries and doing some little repairs on the boat.

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