Sunday, July 8, 2012


                                                       Charleston City Marina

We have had a couple of great days in Charleston, all of us falling in love with this beautiful place. It is one of the prettiest cities we have visited, and the people are extremely friendly and helpful.
The houses are amazing, many of them several hundred years old. You can walk around for hours admiring the old cobblestone streets and one mansion more impressive than the other.
The first day here we did a horse carriage tour of town, that was a great way to learn some of the history and get to know the place.

                                                 Horse carriage tour of Charleston

In a couple of days we continue North, passing Cape Fear and  Cape Hatteras. 
The Outer Banks as this area is called are notoriously known for being the graveyard for ships in the Atlantic, there are many shallow sandbars that are miles offshore and constantly shifting.  And many many shipwrecks!
We have been waiting for a good weather window for this passage,  but  it looks like we have to wait until the end of the week before leaving. And Charleston is not a bad place to spend a few more days.

                                                          Beautiful Old house in the South of Broad quarters

                                                                             The colorful houses in Rainbow Row

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