Friday, March 25, 2011


Thursday we left Zihuantenejo around noon, and had a great afternoon of sailing until the wind died around 18. After that we motored throughout the night.
Early yesterday morning we arrived in Acapulco, we entered the bay just as the sun was rising and it was very beautiful.
We picked up a mooring buoy in front of the yacht club, and form here we have a great view of the downtown skyline.
We spend the last two days exploring the town and swimming in the warm water .Today we went to see the famous cliff divers dive off a 30 m cliff into the waves. Impressive sight!
We met our friends Wayne and Ellie from the boat Zeppelin, they were moored right next to us and now on their way to Huatulco.
We plan to leave ealry tomorrow morning, and depending on the weather we'll arrive in Huatulco either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

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