Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sea trial - and a bit of drama

Yesterday we went out in the bay for a sea trial, to test our newly rebuild engine and transmission for the first time.
We started out spending about an hour at the fuel dock to taking on diesel, and then headed out in the bay. On board was Laurent, Martin, Johanne and the mechanic, I stayed in the dinghy and followed the boat. Just in case...
All went well and the engine was running fine, and after about an hour we returned to the marina. There was some wind, and it was not so easy to park the boat in our slip - and it suddenly got a lot harder when the transmission failed and Laurent could no longer use the reverse. As the boat was drifting towards some big expensive powerboats I pushed with the dingy and Laurent did his best only being able to move the boat forward, and we managed to dock the boat making only a small scratch on another boat.
The mechanic took the transmission out, checked it and put it back in this morning making some adjustments to the idle rpm. This afternoon we went back and forth a lot outside the marina, and all seems to be ok now.
Tomorrow we'll go out and test everything again, and if it still works we'll leave Monday morning. We cross our fingers...

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