Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 days ago we arrived in El Salvador after just over 3 days sailing (motoring mostly) from Huatulco. It was an uneventful stretch right up until we arrived to the place we had been told to meet the pilot boat assigned to guide us over the sandbanks and into marina Bahia del Sol.
From there we had to go straight thrue a crazy surf and 3 meter waves, while trying to avoid getting pushed to the shallow part of the bank where there was high risk of going aground.
We made it thrue safely, though it required a bit of cleaning inside the boat afterwards. We thought we had secured everything, but many things still fell down. Now we know what to secure before our departure tomorrow.
The place here is very nice, it's a little hotel and Marina in an estuary in the middle of the jungle. The nearest village is 4 miles up the river by dinghy.
Yesterday we all hired a van with driver and went into San Salvador for some shopping, haircuts etc. The capital is 85 km from the marina, it is mostly very poor and polluted but it has a few nice spots also. One of the highlights was the huge open air market, where you can buy just about everything you can imagine for one dollar.
The climate here is hot and very humid, and we spend the afternoons lazing by the pool side drinking the local one-dollar beer, Pilsener.
Our next stop will be Costa Rica, it should only take us 2 days to arrive in Papagayo where we will stop to clear into the country.

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