Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Costa Rica

Our first stop in Costa Rica was Playa del Coco, in the Papagayo Bay. We spend 3 days there, mostly scuba diving, and exploring the surroundings. It's a nice little town, but complicated to go to shore since you can not leave the dinghy on the beach without getting it stolen.
Anyway, we had a good time, did some nice dives, finished the open water and rescue diver courses and said goodbye to Johanne and Martin.
After they left we spend a night in marina Papagayo 4 miles away to clean the boat and fix a few things before continuing. It is a beautiful marina with facilities like a 5 star hotel.
We then sailed for 2 days before arriving in Quepos where we had planned to check out of the country, but no one was working in the customs and immigrations offices because of Semana Santa (easter week). So we had t continue to Golfito, where we arrived this morning and got all the official paper works necessary to clear out taken care of. Took us only 3 hours.
Golfito is a very pretty little place, surrounded to all sides by tropical green rainforest. It looks like we might get some rain for the first time in maybe 8 months, the rainy season is just starting here.
We are now relaxing and catching up on some much needed sleep before leaving Costa Rica early tomorrow morning to be able to arrive in Panama City Friday evening.

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