Sunday, May 8, 2011

Panama City and Las Perlas

We arrived in Panama City on the 22nd of April, just in time to pick up our friend Ann who arrived from Minneapolis one hour after we pulled into the slip in Marina La Playita.
We had a bit of a rough trip from Golfito to Panama City, especially the area around Punta Mala caused some big waves and gusts of 35 knots of wind for 24 hrs.
After arriving we spend 2 days in Panama City, and then we went out to cruise the Las Perlas Islands for one week. The islands are very beautiful and most of them are uninhabited and fringed by the most amazing white sandy beaches. And there are absolutely no people anywhere, we were the only boat in most of the places we anchored.
We bought cheap lobster and prawns from the local fishermen almost every day and had a great time cruising the islands. The weather was hot and humid, and we had a squall almost every afternoon or evening.
One week ago we returned to Panama City, where we said goodbye to Ann whoe went back to the states and Mike who returned to Playa del Carmen.
We have spend the last week doing some repairs on the boat, changing our battery bank and alternator and preparing for the canal transit.
At the moment it looks like we'll transit Tuesday or Wednesday, and we haven't decided what to do once we get to the Atlantic side. Still cinsidering our options.

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